Here is an update on the restoration/renovation of the national monument.

Hard work is underway on the restoration, which in the first phase is focusing on the exterior of the hall so that it is wind and watertight as soon as possible. Currently, all the old roof tiles are being removed and insulation installed on the roof. After this, the dormers will be replaced (which have already been made), after which the new tiles will go on the roof. Work has also begun on restoring the outer walls of the hall.

By order of the municipality and the labour inspectorate and your own safety, a special walking route to lanes 1 to 4 has been created.
It is strictly forbidden:
Entering the construction site
Parking your car behind the construction fence.

We strongly advise you to reach the park by bicycle wherever possible, which can be parked on the inside of the fruit wall (immediately on the right at the entrance). If you come by car, park it in the neighbourhood until we can release the car park.

We hope to finish the outside restoration/renovation around the construction period after which the focus will be on building the inside hall and clubhouse. However, there will be exterior work, including getting the symmetry back from the national monument, which will involve copying the existing house on the right side of the national monument.