Lesson regulations tennis school Nieuw Marlot

Lesson regulations tennis school Nieuw Marlot

General Terms and Conditions and Lesson Regulations Tennis School Nieuw Marlot

1. Assignment

The student provides the assignment by submitting the application via the website www.nieuwmarlot.nl (by means of the send button) and accepting the general terms and conditions.

2. Obligations Tennis School Nieuw Marlot

2.1 TNM undertakes the following towards the client:

  • continuity of lessons with regard to lesson time and weeks
  • provision of the necessary teaching materials for children and adults

2.2 TNM trainers cannot be held responsible for personal accidents and any resulting damage, nor for theft or damage to students’ property, as well as injuries.
TNM has taken out accident insurance that provides for a one-off payment in the event of permanent injury or death as a result of an accident on the tennis court.

3. General course information

3.1 A course consists of standard 20 lessons or otherwise individually agreed
3.2 The minimum lesson duration is 50 minutes or otherwise individually agreed.
3.3 If a group cannot be completely filled, the rates will remain unchanged for the group. Changes can be made during the class period to reach the maximum number of the group.

4. Dropout and catching up on lessons

4.1 The lesson will always continue without notice to the contrary. When in doubt, you can always contact the trainer. The trainer assesses whether or not a lesson can take place. For indoor classes, these always take place.

4.2 Lessons that are canceled due to unworkable weather (rain, frost or snow) or unplayable courts or that fall on a generally recognized public holiday, 2 of them will be made up by Tennis School Nieuw Marlot. The other lessons that are canceled are for the account of the customer.

4.3 A lesson canceled by rain is considered to have been given. A lesson canceled by rain before it has started will be made up in 50% of the cancellations (knltb guideline). If the indoor tennis hall is free, the lesson will be shifted to the indoor hall. If the student does not consider it desirable to change the type of surface, the lesson is considered to have been given.

4.4 Group lessons cannot be made up. However, an equivalent replacement person can participate.

4.5 Lessons that cannot continue due to COVID-19 are in principle not made up, but Tennis School Nieuw Marlot will come up with the best possible solution.

4.6 In case of injuries, illness, relocation, etc., no refund of the tuition will follow.

4.7 In case of prolonged absence, it is possible to transfer your lessons to third parties, provided they are of the same level and always in mutual consultation with the trainer.

5. Fee and costs

5.1 The costs of executing the assignment are based on the rates as stated on www.nieuwmarlot.nl. The work will be charged before the start of the lesson series and must be paid before the first tennis lesson. The student has agreed to this by accepting the conditions when registering.

5.2 No additional costs will be charged by TNM

5.3 TNM only teaches members of HLTC marlot. By accepting the general terms and conditions, the student agrees to have registered as a member of HLTC Marlot before the start of the tennis lessons series or to have already become one. PLEASE NOTE: if the student breaks off the lesson series prematurely or does not take any more lessons in the future, this does not imply that the membership will be terminated. The student must terminate his membership separately.