tennis kids

tennis kids

tennis kids

Thimo van der Lecq (37) is director of Tennis School Nieuw Marlot and is responsible for the youth and adult program. In his youth he was Dutch champion up to and including age 14. On the court he has dealt with all target groups, from beginners to Dutch youth champions and professional tennis players. As a result, he spent several years traveling the world as a coach. He is and remains a fanatical tennis player himself, which means that his playing strength remains at 1.

The tennis-kids concept of Tennis School Nieuw Marlot is unique and is full of maximum movement with capital letters FUN! 

All our tennis teachers are knltb certified or are working on this.

Eye, hand and coordination is the most important first step in kids tennis.

The children are divided into age groups, but of course we are always open to it and it is desirable to play tennis in the same group as their friends.

Also look at the association HLTC Nieuw Marlot which children’s events are provided.

Winter lessons 2023
Group (4-6 years) (7-9 years)/(9-10 years)/(10-12 years)/(12-17 years)
Group lesson outside (max 4) 1 hour€ 207,- | per person
Group lesson outside (5/8)€ 138,-| per person
Group lesson indoor (max 4) 50 minutes€ 230,- | per person
Group lesson indoor (5/8) 50 minutes€ 145,- | per person

The lessons start on October 1, it is a cycle of 10 lessons until the Christmas holidays.
The lessons will take place in the following weeks 40, 41, 43 to 50.

You can play indoors from 5:00 PM, the lesson will be outside before 5:00 PM.

To participate in the tennis lessons you must be a member (including children) of the association.

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